Sick of student meals that suck? You came to the right place.

The 21 DAYS OF STUDENT MEALS CHALLENGE on now with daily, cook at home meals perfect for student life. After all there’s something most student-life style meals have in common… Grease. We wanted to change the way you cook, take care of yourself and the way you feel. One home-made meal at a time.

Reasonably Healthy, Awesomely Easy, Budget Friendly

Thanks for being here! We can’t wait to cook (and eat) our way through 21 Days of Student Meals with you. And you may not be a student, maybe you’re busy or wanting to cook more meals at home. Whatever it is, you’re going to love our budget-friendly, easy to make, reasonably healthy meals.

We are going to show you the basics of managing your kitchen. Every week you will receive the recipes, shopping lists, and handy kitchen basics tips in your inbox. Then play along here and on Instagram. Challenge a friend to take the challenge with you, the more the merrier.

Plus, it’s FREE! Did we mention that? ALL FREE.

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